SAME Deutz-Fahr Milestones

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SAME 1927

Francesco Cassani and his brother Eugenio develop the first diesel engine intended specifically to power a tractor.  An entirely original notion offering numerous advantages over traditional propulsion units.

Foundation of a new company, based at Treviglio in Italy:  SAME (Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici)

SAME 1942

The very first tractor of the world with four-wheel drive is built at the Treviglio workshops.

SAME 1952

SAME acquires LAMBORGHINI Trattori, an Italian company with a long engineering tradition, an important sales network and a highly competitive range of products.

SAME 1973

Francesco Cassani passes on, leaving a wealth of ideas and projects for his successors and an unmistakable entrepreneurial style to follow.  His place is taken by Vittorio Carozza, now chairman of SAME-Deutz-Fahr.

The SAME group acquires HÜRLIMANN, the prestigious Swiss company founded in 1929.

The SAME Group starts activities in Poland.  SAME POLSKA was founded.

SAME acquires Deutz-Fahr, the agricultural machinery division of Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz.  The SAME Group becomes SAME-Deutz-Fahr.

SAME Italy

SAME-Deutz-Fahr starts the collaboration with Greaves Ltd for tractors and engines production in India through a joint venture named SAME Greaves Ltd.

SAME-Deutz-Fahr acquires all of the Greaves Ltd shares, and the former joint venture becomes SAME-Deutz-Fahr India.

SAME-Deutz-Fahr invests in DEUTZ AG by purchasing 29.9% of its shares.    DEUTZ AG was founded in 1876 by August Otto, inventor of the internal combustion engine.  DEUTZ AG was the first manufacturer in the world to produce engines on an industrial scale and is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange.


The SAME History Archives were inaugurated:  a project that Luisella Carozza, Francesco Cassani’s daughter, had greatly desired.

SAME-Deutz-Fahr acquires DURO DAKOVIĆ PSU, a Croatian company established in 1982 with Deutz-Fahr combines technology.  SAME-Deutz-Fahr Combines is founded.